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Ottoman baths in Mithymna
The Ottoman Baths of Mithymna
The Ottoman Baths of Mithymna (Molyvos) in Lesvos is an important landmark dating back to the period of Ottoman rule …
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Heliades Maisonettes is a Travel & Hospitality Awards Winner for 2022
Travel & Hospitality Awards Winner
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Condor makes travel from Germany to Lesvos possible
German leisure airline Condor on Friday announced that it is partnering with Greek airline SKY express and expanding its route network in Greece. From …
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Folklore Museum of Vatousa
The folklore museum of Vatousa (or Vatoussa) is housed in one of the finest neoclassical mansions of Lesvos, the Gogos …
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Tarti beach at Gera gulf
One of the most beautiful beaches of Lesvos is Tarti. The beach has crystal clear turquoise water. It is sandy …
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Your Summer vacation plans & COVID19
Lesvos Destination The Island of Lesvos has never been flooded by tourists like other better-known destinations in Greece. It has …
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