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Wedding Guest Accommodations in Lesvos
Heliades vacation town-homes are an appealing choice for honeymooners and couples seeking for a relaxing holiday. Couples can choose amongst …
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Molyvos in snow
Molyvos, a writer’s retreat
The colours of the landscape, the sea, and the skies change dramatically. Bright blue gives place to steely grey and …
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Molyvos beach
The beach of Molyvos starts shortly after the harbour and extends up to the Olive Press Hotel. It is an …
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Mithymna – A Poem
No white-washed confectionary withHoles and passages for fingers toTake hold like a dried-out knucklebone Nor is the mound one of …
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Birds of Lesvos
In many respects Lesvos (Lesvos) is a typical Mediterranean island, dry, rocky and scrub-covered with endless olive groves in lower …
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